Various parts 2024 Bracket foot pedal 4130 steel weldments Clutch Arm Just tools Titanium tube adapters
Example Frame

Welcome to Baumgartner Machine

We are a small CNC machine shop that got it's start producing parts for our clients in the drag racing industry. We needed to be able to meet the time constraints, tolerances and material demands that our clients needed in order to perform at their best on the race track.

Baumgartner Machine believes in taking a proactive approach to our customers needs. We will keep you informed throughout the process from design to finished product through phone contact or email, which ever you prefer and how frequently you desire.

We work with a variety of materials to include: Aluminum, Steel, Magnesium and Titanium. We run jobs from one off prototypes to productions runs.

Baumgartner Machine also offers CAD services. We utilize Solidworks Professional for all of our CAD modeling and design.

Feel free to drop us a line and see what we can do for you and your project.